Rainbow Treasures
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This page was last updated: February 28, 2009
The Staff:
Rainbow is the brains of the operation and quite a talker especially on the subject of series books.  Although her favorite book is Bunnicula.
Patches is always searching for new product ideas and listens intently to Rainbow's instructions.
He dreams up ideas in his office at the foot of the bed and then leaves no stone unturned when searching for items.
Rusty is in charge of shipping and has a love hate relationship with the post office especially their delivery personnel.  He is always ready for holiday and special orders.
Meeshu is the finance manager.
She counts the money and screams loudly if someone goes over budget.
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Paco is the newest member of the family.  He is in charge of Public Relations and he loves everybody!
Ivan (the Terrible) handles all the security.  No sneaking mice will invade our shop.